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The Life And Times Of A Bog-Troll In Pixieland

Stuff what I do and think

Mister Ed
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  • mister_ed@livejournal.com
Ex-lead singer for TrashVogue band "Screaming Banshee Aircrew" (now disbanded after 9 years, 2 self released albums, 3 label released albums and countless gigs).

Still working on the Forgotten Between collaboration project, due for release 2012 while performing and recording with new super-group, Partly Faithful.

Have also been Doctored (in a Phd sense).

Currently living in London and making my mundane money programming hardware chips.. and not making quite enough money being a rawk star..

Going ever so slightly loopy-loo in my old age... but with as much style and grace as I can muster!

This LJ has unintentionally evolved into a pretty much friends only affair... although there's always plenty more room for friends :)

Could say more.. won't ;p